Hello everyone, hope you are having a good Sunday so far!

Today I have embarked on a new challenge…

Practicing yoga for 30 days.

I have only done yoga a few times in my life (probably five times or less). However every single time I take the time to do it I think to myself…”why on earth don’t I do this more often??”. It doesn’t matter what is going on, what I’m thinking about or how stressed or tired I might be, after yoga I feel amazing. Rested. De-stressed.

Yoga is difficult for me in several ways, which is what makes it a perfect challenge. On a physical level, yoga challenges my flexibility. I am not a naturally flexible person to begin with, and I am terrible at stretching before I work out. Weightlifting definitely decreases my flexibility, and if I try to go for a run I find that my hips are very tight.

Yoga challenges me on a mental level because it forces you to be present and clear your mind. I am a very restless individual, I always feel the need to fidget around or move every five seconds. At any given moment there are a million thoughts flying through my mind. Sometimes that can make it hard to focus or even to fall asleep at night.

I went for a run today and decided to cool down with some yoga after I got back. I pulled up YouTube on my TV and did a quick search. Yoga with Adrienne popped up, and I clicked on the first day of a 30 day yoga challenge. It was absolutely amazing, and instantly inspired me to complete the challenge.

I want to do yoga at least once a day. My plan is to wake up 30 minutes early so I can start the day off with it. I want to use this time to create a yoga habit that I continue with even after this month.

I hope you will consider completing this challenge with me! Here is the link to the yoga video I watched today: Yoga Challenge Day 1

Talk to you guys soon!