Day 2 started at 7 am this morning. First of all I was happy that I stuck to my decision to get up 30 minutes early to complete yoga before my day got started. I wanted to see if it would improve my mood for the rest of the day…and it certainly did.

I’m now considering doing yoga before I go to bed at night…we shall see.

One thing I love about yoga is that during the session you are encouraged to be grateful that you decided to take the time to get on the mat and connect with yourself. While sometimes we may feel that we are selfish and don’t spend enough time/money on other people, is that really true? How much time do you actually take just to take a breath and enjoy yourself? Yoga is perfect for that.

Although weightlifting is my first love, I have been more inspired lately to pursue functional fitness. Yoga, cardio, and bodyweight movements fall into this category. While I feel like I am proficient at weights, diving into some of these other areas of fitness have really made me pause for re-evaluation. Just because you are good in one area doesn’t mean that there isn’t much you can learn from branching out. Changing up my routine has certainly been a challenge for me lately.

Stay tuned for feelings about Day 3! Here is a link to the Yoga with Adrienne routine I watched this morning…enjoy! Day 2-Yoga with Adrienne

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See you guys soon 🙂